Classic STEM Bundle
Classic STEM Bundle
Classic STEM Bundle
Classic STEM Bundle
Classic STEM Bundle
Little Bins for Little Hands

Classic STEM Bundle

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This collection of science, STEM, coding and slime projects will keep your kiddos busy for hours!

Whether you want to fill screen-free time with hands-on engaging activities or you need to turn home into school.

You will find plenty of opportunities to use both math and science skills as well as literacy skills as kids read through and complete various projects complete with journal pages.

This bundle is easy to use with younger scientists as well as older scientists depending on how much adult supervision is needed. Plus, kids of different ages can work together! 

What's included:

Classic STEM Pack: 52+ Projects

New! Engaging STEM story challenge pack!

  • Easy to set up activities that are fun, and fit into the time I have available, even if it's limited!
  • Easy to follow STEM design process guides that make STEM engaging and easy to do in the classroom!
  • 101 Master STEM supplies list makes setting up a maker space a breeze!

Extra STEM challenges include:

  • Architecture Building Cards: Try the tallest tower challenge
  • Bridge Building Cards: Explore different types of bridges build your own.
  • Paper Chain STEM Challenge: Who can make the longest chain? Great ice breaker or quick challenge!
  • 3 Little Pigs Architectural Pack: Design a house that won’t blow away!
  • Great marshmallow challenge: A classic challenge kids love!

Explorer the Engineering Design Process

  • What’s the difference between a scientist and an engineer?
  • Crossword and word search with engineering vocabulary.
  • Engineering vocabulary cards

I am an Inventor Writing Pack

  • Design a one-of-a-kind invention and write about it!

Classic Science Pack: 52+ Projects

  • 52 classic science activities with journal pages, supply lists, set up and process, and science information. 
  • Best science practices posters along with our original science method process folders for extra alternatives! 
  • Be a Collector activities pack introduces kids to the world of making collections through the eyes of a scientist. What will they collect first?
  • Know the words science vocabulary pack includes flashcards, crosswords, and word searches that illuminate keywords in the experiments!
  • My science journal writing prompts explore what it means to be a scientist!
  • Master science supplies list to make collecting materials a breeze.
Science theme extras include science theme I-Spy pages, coloring sheets, and more!

Classic Coding Pack:

  • 10+ screen-free coding activities with instructions and explanations with helpful hints and tips.
  • Explore Algorithms with fun games and even build your own game that you can set up differently each time!
  • Explore the Binary Alphabet with fun coding challenges.
  • Go on a coding story adventure with a fun story to read and challenge to complete.
  • Have fun breaking codes with our code breaker activities!
  • Solve fun riddles and addition problems using code.

Classic Slime Project Pack:

  • Need to make slime with a group of kids? I have the best slime recipes for classroom or home use.
  • Handy slime supply list, slime safety tips, and slime labels for keeping slime fun, easy, and safe!
  • Fun slime experiment activities and ideas along with slime journal pages make experimenting with slime a blast for your students! Experiment with slime!
  • Slime recipe math sheets for changing ingredient quantities and practicing math skills
  • Handy checklists, slimy tips and tricks, and of course plenty of information on the science behind the slime, makes your prep work easier!
  • Bonus slime fun with crossword, word search, and secret code puzzles!
  • Easy to print pack for kids and adults of all ages!
  • Perfect for home, classroom, camp, scouting, or group use too!

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