Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Back To School Bundle
Little Bins for Little Hands

Back To School Bundle

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The Back To School Bundle is perfect for home and classroom!

This bundle of hands-on learning activities has been handpicked just for you! Whether you are an educator, caregiver, or group'll find easy-to-use resources.

---> Activities are suitable for the K-5th range but can be adapted to many levels and needs as well.

---> Teachers: We are allowing a single-user purchase to be shared with your classes and parents!

What's Included and Why:

The Back to School Pack: For a little whimsy and fun, this is a great pack for bigs and littles together. Explore STEM activities together, work on simple writing prompts and activities together, play games, and work together!

Why? Kids of different ages working together are fantastic for learning purposes. Have your 4th grader work together with your preschooler. The benefits will be numerous.

The Nature Pack: ​Get outside, this pack takes you outside to go on scavenger hunts, to try nature-inspired STEM challenges, set up a square foot jungle in the backyard, write from the perspective of a squirrel, and more!

Why? Fresh air is good for everyone and a backyard jungle is a fun way to observe nature

The Classic Science Pack: Filled with hands-on experiments that use supplies commonly found around the house, this pack also has science information, vocabulary words, puzzles, games, and more!

Why? These science activities are so easy to explore with a variety of ages. Bigs helping littles! Also, older kids can use the journal pages to practice extra skills.

Slime Project Pack: ​This is the science-filled way to make slime for all your science lessons. If you have a slime fan, turn it into a whole week of slimy learning including math, science, and literacy!

Why? Learning through activities that are of high interest is always a great way to make connections.

Famous Artist Challenge Pack: 12 unique art projects that are simple to set up and use budget-friendly materials. Instructions and templates included!

Why? Art is a fantastic addition to any lesson plan or daily schedule especially when it's not complicated or time-consuming. Bonus, this pack shares kid-friendly information for each artist.


Playdough Pack with Activities: Fantastic playdough recipes and hands-on learning activities to go with them!

Scientists and Inventors: Read about a variety of scientists and inventors, do some extra research on a person who stands out to your kiddos!

14-Day Activity Challenge: Complete with instructions!

Note: PDF files only!